Experiential retreat for personal and creative development

CASA del AGUA La Rioja is an old water mill located deep in the countryside of La Rioja’s mountain range that has been refurbished with sustainable methods and materials in perfect harmony with its surroundings and thought out as an alternative way to unwind.


Like water, it flows

In addition to its beautiful landscape and all the facilities available at this special lodging, here you will find other ways of taking care of yourself, tools and activities that will foster your personal and professional development, your balance, your  skills, your identity, your wellbeing.

Here you will be able to work out personal or relationship, group, organisational and family issues in a peaceful and beautiful environment with sessions, workshops and courses focused on an integrated guidance from both nationally and internationally renowned professionals in the field of personal care who will be using tools and techniques such as:


Emotional intelligence

Neurolinguistic Programming


Other holistic experiential therapies

Or you will be able to explore and learn from our surroundings:

Educational trails

Therapeutic walks

Residential workshops in nature

Horticulture and permaculture training courses (We have at your disposal local organic produce from our garden and other producers from the region)

Casa del Agua La Rioja is a place where you can retreat to meditate, rest and cultivate your personal growth with the aid of a diversity of teachings offered by guest experts or by our own team, where those who need to disconnect to reconnect, are welcome:

General public



Family enterprises or business areas

People studying for public exams or immersed in creative processes who need tranquil and inspiring surroundings

Travellers/pilgrims en route to the Way of St. James who wish to retreat to their own internal regenerative path for a few days.

Make the World Stand Still

Haven’t we all wished this could happen at some point? Here you’ll be able to experience this, at least for a few days.

Casa del Agua is far from the hassle and bustle, off the beaten path, deep in the countryside and surrounded by nature.  It’s a place where you can stop and observe, find what’s there for you and continue with your journey; a place where you can discover other ways of living our everyday lives and other unexpected things that arise about ourselves; a place where you can learn to integrate change, renew our learning patterns, find harmony or, simply, just wander through the countryside, connect with nature, breath in fresh air and enjoy life.

Water as your getaway

The movement of water fills up the atmosphere with negative ions which have been proven beneficial for our health. Like at the end of a storm or in places close to rough seas, in Casa del Agua la Rioja, the current of its stream produces negative air ionization which contributes to calming down our mood and favours meditative states.

This liquid element is associated to adaptability, to emotions and feelings that many times lead us to resist change, to feel like a fish out of water.

Here you can begin to stop feeling lost. Casa del Agua la Rioja is a special place where you can find yourself,  learn where to look and which questions to ask yourself. Here you may calm your spirit or stir it up, grow vegetables or your inner landscape, walk around the enchanting surroundings or through your own personal history and, of course, find yourself.

The truth is that in some places, something does change. And this place hopes to be one of those places that mark a milestone, that recharge your energy and open up a new vision of your inner and outer world; a place that guides you on how to better relate to others and your surroundings and that contributes to your personal development and inner peace.

This is, in all modesty, our ambitious intention: to provide values, beauty and knowledge about the way of the heart in the present and in people’s day to day lives in a simple, quality, and long-lasting way, in a place that conveys authenticity, creativity, openness and care, for that each and every one of us finds the way to be happier.